Thursday, January 04, 2024

OF WORLD PEACE It is heartening to note, That the Indian PM's name, Hath been recommended, For establishing World Peace ! "My chariots shall not be bloody, Till the earth records my name", Said the conscientious Buddha, As he renounced War. Milton averred " Peace hath her victories, No less renouned than War " ! Man's essential nature is Peace, War is only an abnormality ! How can a Nation which declares Peace, Aum Shanti, Shanti, advocate War ? From the ethical, moral angle, Peace gets Fame, and War notoriety ! Love cognised is Truth Love in action is Non VIolence Love as pure Being is Wisdom Love as Feeling is Peace. Yet, many believe that war is a necessity biologic, An outlet for the human desire to compete and excel ! Conquest by force is only half victory, True victory is conquest by Love ! Harmony has to be established, And perfection worked out. We have to effectuate the Divine, In a conflicting and contradicting world ! We have been instructed, To rise from Non Being to Being, Asado Ma Sad Gamaya, And to rise from Darkness to Light. In other words, From the Negative to the Positive. But we have a big problem here, As we are confronted by qualities negative ! We have seen Death, But not Immortality ! Mrutyor Ma Amritam Gamaya, Appears to be difficult ! Death, Non Being, Ignorance, Darkness, adversity, disease, All these we have seen, But never experienced the Positive ! Qualties Negative, Are merely the first terms of the Formula, Unintellible to us, Till we work out its esoteric terms ! These qualities negative, Are merely initial discords Of the Musician's symphony, Didnt He create a world miserable ? That too deliberately flawing perfection, Of His Own Creation ? The discords of the world are Lord's discords, To unfold the Godhead within us? The tormenting Evil is He, As well as the Redeeming Grace ! Oru Kai Praharikkave Maru Kai kondu thalodum Easwaran ! Only when we have an integral vision, Can we see beyond all masks, The serene and lovely face, Of the All Blissful Godhead ! His tests test our imperfection, True friemd is He and Heart, the Teacher ! Mind is the greatest Guru, And world, the true Book ! Let us be what the Seer Poets recommended, What Lord Krishna recommended to Arjuna, Realised souls viewing Becoming, Under the metaphor of Being ! Let us rise from Death to Self Realisation, From the Darkness of Nescience to Light Supernal, From the mirage of Non Being to True Being, Thus fulfilling that eternal Prayer Asato Ma Sadgamaya ! Did not Bhagavan Aurobindo, Say that Strive and thou shalt have ? Trust and thy trust shall be justified ? That the Divine Crown is within our reach ? That we have to overcome the Negative, And reach the Positive ! And Implement Positivity, Then only shall the world be redeemed ! The Kingdom of Heaven, Is both worldly and transworldly To implement this Rama Rajya, India, US and Russia exist !

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lovely Song about Kathakali

Actors are the two legends of Kerala Cinema, Prem Nazeer and Sree Vidya.

Manipravala Thalakal Unarnoo
Manassil kamala dalangal vithirnoo
Kavya Kalayude kanakamgulikalil
Kathakali Mudrakal Vidarnoo !

Manipravala ......................

Verses equalling Ruby ( Mani ) and Coral ( Pravala )
And lotus blossomed in Mind !
From the great Art of Poetry
Rose the Mudras of the King of all Arts ( Kathakali )

Sharat kala megham Thirasselayayi
Sasiklaa Kali vilakkayee
Onnayi Varriyarum
Irayimman Thapiyum
Varna narayangal minukkee

The clouds of Sharath
Became curtain for the play
Moon became the Lamp
Both Variar and Thampi became one
Giving finishing touches to costumes !

Pampayum Periyarum
Bharata puzhayum
Aa padangal paadi
Chaitra marangal aadee !
Chendayil thengilayil
Elathalangil Syamantakangal kilingee

The rivers of Kerala
Bharata puzha, Pampa and Periyar
Sang those beautiful verses
And the trees of Chaitra danced !

Manipravala .....................

Damayantiyayi Droupadiyayi
Kairali Rathiyay Sathiyay
Rambhayay Radhayay
Raasa Natanam Aadi !

As Damayanti, Droupadi
And as Devayani
Magnificent Kerala rose
As Rathi, as Sathi
As Rambha and Radha
She danced the Blissful Dance !

Ratnakireedavumayi Thiranottam Nadathi
Rasa Chakravarthiyam Sringaram..

Manipravala .......................

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Social Media Marketing !

I did Social Media Marketing heavily with the result, my dotcom, got 100% marks for Social Media Impact !

Facebook 356 likes
Twitter      67
Google +   14
Delicious    7

I got 5000 friends on FB and another 5000 on G +. I created FB pages for my sites and got a lot of likes.

So SMM is a success and my hits have gone up to more than 630 K hits on

I will do so for my marketing dotcom,, which has less hits !

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ORM, Online Reputation Management

ORM is a blend of

SMM, Social Media Marketing
SEM,  Search Engine Optimisation
PR , Public Relations


It has been defined as the process of following an online reference to a brand or a person. The negative opinions are handled by ORM and reputation rectified.

ORM monitors negative opinion, evalutes and takes rearguard action against such opinions and makes general opinion about you and your company positive. Now, ORM is the buzzword, and the reputation of your company and you, as the ceo, depends on how much ORM you can do !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Intellectual Video Marketing

I created six videos and uploaded them to Youtube and other video sharing sites and for one week I was on Video Marketing.

 I am using Windows Movie Maker sw to create the videos. Making videos is fun and it took 2.5 hours today to create my sixth video, Zodiac $tock Market Astrology. I converted it into a swf file and uploaded it onto my site, I have so far got 266 views on Youtube for my six videos so far. And there will be many more views.

 In 2006,Youtube ushered in the Video Revolution. In 2007, Web 1.0 changed to Web 2.0. The Social Media Revolution ushered in by Facebook and other social sites changed the Web. Now there are more than 1000 social sites which are very popular. You can upload photos, videos, music, blog, link etc to these social sites.

Social Marketers recommend creating profiles on these sites and uploading your photos and videos to these sites.

So Web 2.0  is more collaborative, participative and interactive than Web 1.0. We also have to change accordingly. Encourage the mashup. By creating videos, we can give the url and the embed code for other bloggers. Those who are interested can insert these in their blog/site pages and lo ! our videos travel around.

 Ideally the video can be of 2/3 minutes duration. People do not have time to view for a long period. Content is always King on the Net and you should have quality content in the video.

Each day, more than 100 years worth of Youtube videos are watched on Facebook and video views are growing exponentially on social sites. 

Video Marketing is defined as a powerful marketing tool. You should create quality videos, keep it simple and short ( Keep it simple, Silly ), optimise it for the search engines and promote it rigourously. There are many video sharing sites to which you can sumbit your videos.

and many other video sharing sites.

Happy Video Marketing !

Zen and Tibetan Handicraft Masterpieces

Zen and Tibetan singing bowls are famous.  Such 
magnificent  handicraftmasterpieces characterise 
Nepal an Tibet.  The Himalayan Expanse, famous as
the "Root of the World", is famous for its mysticism  
and  instruments of meditation and Relaxation !We 
at   3rd  provide some of the finest handicrafts from 
the Roof Top of the World. Known to have  profound
religious significance for both Hinduism and Buddhism, 
these places are considered sacred by many.  We feature 
many fair trade items from Asiaincluding Malas, Clear  
Quartz Singing Bowls, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tibetan
Herbal Incense, Ceramic Singing Bowls, Tingsha 
Meditation  Chimes, Gongs, Bells and Dorjes, Natural 
Handmade Soap, Mala Prayer Beads,Crystal Singing 
Bowls, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Spouting Bowls, Hand 
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Bowls and many other unique handicrafts at wholesale

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Intellectual Marketing XVII - The Eightfold Marketing !

We find that the most important business equation is

V = f(M)

where V is Volume or the number of customers is a function of Marketing expenditure. Success is verily dependent on Marketing.

Well, Marketing can take you from obscurity to omnipresence !  90% of our time and 70% of our budget should be spent on Marketing, as advertising is the lifeblood of business.

We have to understand that Marketing is different from selling. Never sell, influence. Write about your business field and give useful tips to your readers and they will revert to you.

Video Marketing.

Now the rage over the Net is Video Marketing. You can make videos using Windows Movie Maker and then submit them to video sharing sites like Youtube, Google Videos, Vimeo, Yahoo Videos etc. Normally 3-5 minutes are preferred and you can share your knowledge with the international community that way. You can tag your videos with rich keywords and be sure to include a link to your site. Dont bother if there are stumblings. If there are stumblings, it only shows you are human !

You can upload these videos to your site and then give the url to your readers. You should also give the embed code, so that other bloggers can dispay the videos on their blogs and this will give you worldwide exposure.

Software Marketing

You can create softwares and upload them to your sites as freeware. Many will download these and it will give you added exposure.

Social Media .Marketing

You should create great profiles on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut etc. Get as many friends as possible. You can share your articles, photos and videos with your friends, who will do the marketing for you. You should give links from these social sites to your sites and blogs.

Not only proflies, but also Pages should be created on these social sites. You can ask people to like your Profile and Pages. Web democracy is vital and if many like your pages and profile, your site will become more popular.

Article Marketing

You can create articles and submit them to article sites and social sites. Be sure to link your sites and blogs in the resource box.  You should proof read, proof read and proof read. You can also get someone check your articles. The Ultimate promotion tool is undoubtedly Article Marketing. There are many who think Article Marketing is dead. It can never be so, as the Net is a written medium !

Zine Marketing

You should create a eZine and then send it to opt in subscribers. My Ezine, the Z Files, has more than 40 K subscribers. I incorporate articles and tips in this Zine and send it to subscribers free. eZine is a must in Relationship Marketing and it is a great method to be in touch with your subscribers.

Blog Marketing

You can create free blogs on Blogger. You can write about the subjects you know and share your knowledge with the international community. Blogs gives you great exposure. Optimise your content, as Optimised Unique Content is the marma of the Net.

You should blog daily. Update them with the latest news. I have a cricket blog and I update my readers with the latest news. You can give tips to your which will be appreciated worldwide.

List Marketing

You should join lists. For instance, I subscribed to many Astro Lists  and I contribute about the psychic sciences to these lists. In your sig file, you should link these posts to your sites, blogs, profiles and pages ! Useful information should be provided to these lists so that people can benefit from your knowledge. Knowledge should be shared with the international community. Also wealth.

Offline Marketing

You can write articles and send it to offline publications. In India the online world is only 10% and the rest 90% is offline. So offline advertising should not be neglected.  You can appear on TV and advertise yourself sublty. You should be a public figure in newspapers as well.

Advertising, Marketing and Branding is the A of business. Let us not ignore this vital factor !

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Video Marketing

When the video revolution began, text gave way to videos. Article Marketing gave way to Video Marketing. Now Video Marketing is the most powerful tool in the marketer's arsenal. You should link your video to your website. Use the KISS principle ( Keep it simple, stupid ). Usually videos 3-5 minutes long are preferred. Even though a 3 minute video is not a video at all ! You dont have to feel shy facing the camera. If you are shy, you can put somebody else's face. There may be stumblings when you are speaking, but that shows that you are human. You can start as a novice and with experience you can become a professional.